Diploma Courses


All Scottish Massage Schools Diploma courses are accredited by Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation (SMTO), which is affiliated to the General Council for Massage Therapies (G.C.M.T.) Lorna Forrester, Chairperson of SMTO, sits on the committee of the General Council of Massage Therapies (GCMT) and has been at the centre of setting up the new Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).


link to SMTOlink to GCMTlink to CNHC


  • Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology – 8 months
  • Diploma in Swedish Massage (DSM) – 8 months
  • Diploma in Remedial & Sports Massage (RMT) – 8 months
  • Diploma in Advanced Remedial Massage (DARM) – 10 months
  • Diploma in Sports Event Massage (DSEM) - 6 months
  • Diploma in Reflexology (DIR) – 6 months
  • Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy (DCA) – 7 months
  • Diploma in On-site Chair Massage (DOSM) – 2 months
  • Diploma in Indian Head Massage (DIHM) – 2 months
  • Diploma in Manipulative Therapy (DManip) – 10 Days



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